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Spre deosebire de Sram XX World Cup, Sram XX cantareste 290g si integreaza reglajul Pad Contact. Etrierul din doua bucati este realizat din aluminiu iar manetele din fibra de carbon. Caracteristici: ...
Cod Produs Stoc Optiune Pret cumpără
SRA-11956 La comanda Fata, gri, rotor G3 160mm 1.113,00 Lei
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SRA-29958 Indisponibil Fata, gri, rotor HSX160mm 1.354,01 Lei
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SRA-29972 Indisponibil Spate, gri, rotor HSX160mm 1.354,01 Lei
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In stoc – acest produs este disponibil
Stoc limitat – cantitate limitata, in unele cazuri fiind posibil ca stocul sa fie epuizat
La comanda – se livreaza in 2-4 zile lucratoare daca este in stocul furnizorului
Indisponibil – acest produs nu se poate livra


Spre deosebire de Sram XX World Cup, Sram XX cantareste 290g si integreaza reglajul Pad Contact. Etrierul din doua bucati este realizat din aluminiu iar manetele din fibra de carbon.


   Maneta din carbon
   Etrier din doua bucati, cu montarea placutelor prin partea superioara
   Placute organice cu spate din aluminiu
   Lichid de frana DOT 5.1
   Design ambi-dextru
   Banjo reglabil (legatura dintre conducta si etrier)
   Reach adjust
   Contact Point Adjustment
   Tehnologie TaperBore, MatchMaker X, Split Clamp
   Suruburi din Titan
   Design deosebit

: 290g (rotor 160mm, fata post mount)

Inclus in pachet:

   Etrier, placute organice
   Conducta (850mm fata si 1600mm spate)
   Rotor Avid HSX
   Adaptor IS

Contact Point Adjustment™

We’re proud to be the company that invented this feature before people even knew how much they needed it. Contact Point Adjustment allows you customize the point in the lever’s throw where the brake actually engages. That helps you do two simple–but important–things: 1. You get to pick the position you’d like your fingers to be in when your brakes grip. That means you can perfectly match your fingers’ comfort with the brake’s power—without having to move the pads. 2. Balancing both brake levers so they make contact at the same point has never been easier. Contact Point Adjustment is not a reach adjuster (although all of our levers have that, too). Whether you prefer the modulation of a longer throw, the instantaneous power of a short throw, or any of the zillion options in-between, this feature will help you dial in the perfect ride.
Deep Stroke Modulation™

There’s a fine line between braking hard and braking so hard that you lose traction. Deep Stroke Modulation allows riders to perfectly navigate that line and control even the most powerful brakes with finesse.
Reach Adjust

When one finger has the power to control your ride, adjusting the levers to perfectly match your unique hands is seriously important—that’s why we put Reach Adjust on all of our levers.
Intergrated Reservoir

With TaperBore Technology™ we’ve integrated the reservoir and master cylinder on our hydraulic disc-brake levers to create a super-sleek (and even lighter) lever design.
Power Reserve Geometry

At the end of the day, a brake lever simply multiples the force your hand generates (just like the nut cracker). Avid’s Power Reserve Geometry™represents a way of thinking about the physics of leverage and your hand’s comfort. This philosophy is fundamentally different than others in the business of brakes. Due to pivot placement, physics dictates that with other brake levers your fingers tend to slip off the ends as you pull. Avid is different. We designed our levers with the pivot closer to the handlebar, in fact, closer than anyone else in the industry. The resulting lever movement has less inward travel, an arc that’s closer to your fingers’ natural motion and delivers more force to the brake. The cool part is, every Avid lever has it.
TaperBore Technology™

The term “TaperBore” refers to a unique patent-pending closure system in our Elixir and Code levers. It saves weight, looks super-sleek, improves lever feedback and most importantly–gives you more power and control.
Top-loading Pads

 When the only thing between you and the trail is bike maintenance, every second matters. With our top-loading pads, new disc-brake pads can be installed without taking off the wheel, working under the caliper or doing any upside-down pad juggling, so you’ll be ready to ride much quicker.
MatchMaker and MMX Compatible

Save weight and clutter on the bar with Matchmaker. It holds Avid levers, SRAM® triggers, and various RockShox® controls, all with one tidy, light, clamp--a dream come true for handlebar component footprint conservationists the world over. Available in two versions: Matchmaker™ X integrates the RockShox®XLoc and is compatible with XX and X0 brakes. Standard Matchmaker™is also available and works with any split-clamp design and RockShox® PushLoc.
DOT 5.1

Heat is an enemy of any brake system, so advancements in heat management, mean advancements in your ride. You see, we found that in our systems DOT 5.1 takes almost 3 times longer to boil than DOT 4, thus allowing flawless fade-free performance in even more extreme conditions.


Accesibilitate: Disponibile
Sistem: Pe disc
Tip: Hidraulice
Numar pistoane: 2
Tip ulei: DOT 5.1
Greutate: 290g